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Downloading, Uploading, and Sharing content created by RealEyez360 i.e. Videos, Photos and 3D Scans.

Q: How do I share my RealEyez360 3D VR Scans I Photos I Videos on my listing portal or website?
A: RealEyez360 currently offers the following integrations:
  • Upload via CRM (Propspace, MyCRM, MasterKey, BrokerPad CRM or any custom CRM)
  • Upload via portal backend admin access (Propertyfinder, Dubizzle, Justproperty, Bayut, ZoomProperty etc.)
  • Your website manager can upload on your website.
  • 3D VR 360 Virtual Reality Tours can be easily shared via a simple link generated from the share button.
  • 3D VR Walkthrough can be easily embedded on your own website using the embed code provided by us (upon request).
Note: You must have a subscription account to upload listings on property portals.
Q: How do I download my RealEyez360 content?
A: Photos + Videos + Graphic Design work: We upload 'ready to post photos / videos' for all the completed shoots on the allocated ‘Google Drive – Shared folder’ you created for us or we shall send you the content via WeTransfer / DropBox that can be downloaded & saved directly at your end.
3D VR 360 Virtual Reality Tours are cloud-hosted on Matterport Servers in the US & UK. You can easily embed the 3D Scan / 3D model on your website using a simple embed-link provided by us (on request).
Q: Can I share my RealEyez360 3D VR 360 Virtual Tours I Photos I Videos on social media?
A: Absolutely! You can do this one of three ways:
  • Photos + Videos
    • Laptop / Desktop - Directly upload the files from the folder you have saved in.
    • Mobile - Open Google Drive App – click 'Shared with me' button. Open ‘RealEyez360 folder’ then select specific month folder to access all your completed projects. Open the said project folder choose the photo or video file you wish to upload on social media. Hit the 3 dots icon & choose 'Open In button' to Upload photo or video files.
    • Open the specific social media platform on desktop or via app on your mobile & upload the files directly from your photo library or browse & upload from the specific folder you have saved files in.
  • 3D VR 360 Virtual Tours Dubai – Click the link we sent. Hit the play button once your 3D Virtual Reality model has started. Hit the share button, simply copy and paste the link in your status update or wall
Popular social networks accept rich media content created by www.RealEyez360.com as its as per standard specifications. Including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, your own website and most blog sites.
Q: Can I share my RealEyez360 content on my own website?
A: Absolutely! You can do this one of three ways: Sure! If you want to share your video or photos, just download them to your computer and then upload them to your website. If you want to share your 3D model, use the embed code is provided by www.RealEyez360.com your Matterport Service Partner in Dubai (upon request). You may need some help from your website administrator to do this.
Technical Issues & Specifications
Q: What is the difference between a full-motion walkthrough video tour and a 3D VR 360 Virtual Tour?

A video tour is a guided tour of the property for sale/ villa for sale or rent. Once the buyer / tenant / landlord / seller / event planner / marketing director / Head of Marketing / Digital Marketing Manager / E-Commerce Manager click the play button, the video takes them through the property without requiring any manual navigation.

A 3D Scan Virtual Reality Walkthrough model is like a self-navigation tour that allows the buyers / tenants / landlords / event planners / hotel guests / holiday homes rentals guests to manually navigate and explore the property at their own pace in a fully immersive virtual reality 3D experience to move through the home. 3D VR Scan models also include a floorplan and “dollhouse” view so the buyers can see the entire property in a quick glance.

Q: Are there different steps for viewing my photos on a PC or a Mac?
A: No. Regardless of whether you are on a PC or Mac, the steps to view your photos are the same.
Q: What are the resolutions for video and photos?
A: Resolutions vary by file type.

SD video is 854 x 480

HD video is 1280 x 720

Web-resolution photos are 1152 x 768

Hi-resolution photos are 3600 x 2400
Q: I ordered high resolution photos. Why are my files smaller than I expected?
A: Resolution and file size are not the same thing. Resolution simply refers to the number of pixels in an image. File size is a combination of resolution and the amount of data stored with the image.

All RealEyez360 high-res photos contain at least 2258 x 1505 pixels, which is the industry standard for high resolution. The amount of data, however, varies by photo. Photos of simple, neutral-colored rooms with uniform lighting have less data. Photos of rooms with lots of furniture, bright or contrasting colors, and uneven lighting have more data.

In addition, we compress photos and convert them to JPEG format before delivery. This reduces the file size so you can more easily download and upload your photos, but it does not hurt resolution or overall image quality.

Q: Why won't my video play on my property webpage?
A: RealEyez360 makes every effort to ensure that your webpage will work on a variety of devices and browsers. However, some older devices and browsers are not compatible with current methods for playing Internet video. Please see below for a list of compatible and non-compatible browsers and operating systems. If you are using a non-compatible browser or operating system, switching to a compatible one should take care of the problem. If it doesn’t, please call your friendly Account Manager at 052-1229250.

  • Windows XP operating system (discontinued and no longer supported by Microsoft)

  • Internet Explorer, versions 8 and earlier (discontinued and no longer supported by Microsoft)

  • Firefox for Mac
  • Windows Vista and later operating systems

  • Mac OS

  • Google Chrome

  • Internet Explorer, versions 9 and later

  • Firefox for Windows
Q: Why is my video stopping and starting?
A: Your Internet connection may be slow or unstable. We recommend testing your Internet speed and connectivity at http://myspeed.etisalat.ae/ or http://www.speedtest.net/. If you have verified that your Internet connection is fast and stable but are still having problems, please call 052-1229250.
Q: Why is my video blurry, choppy etc.?
A: You may be watching it in SD (standard definition), not HD (high definition). Our website, Agent Portal, and branded/unbranded webpages use responsive design, which means they automatically play your video at the resolution that is most appropriate for your Internet connection. For most people, this means the video automatically plays in SD. If you would like to watch your video in HD, simply click the HD button at the bottom right of your video player or hit settings icon in Google Drive or YouTube and select Quality as 720p or 1080p.
FAQ's - 3D VR Scan I 360 Virtual Reality Tours
Q: My 3D model is of a multi-floor home, but I can only see one floor when I view the model. Where are the other floors?
Matterport Services Dubai 3D VR Scan offers a feature that allows you to view the property’s individual floors one at a time or all together. Once you hit the play button to explore a 3D VR model. At the bottom left of the screen click on floor plan icon to change between floors or you can manually navigate different floors using staircase markers.
Q: Why can’t I/ Why can’t buyers view my 3D model?
A: RealEyez360 3D models are powered by Matterport, which is not compatible with some older devices, operating systems and Internet browsers. Matterport Dubai Service Partner recommends viewing its 3D models over a high-speed Internet connection, on a device that is less than three years old.

In addition, the device should meet the following requirements:

Computer Operating System

  • PC: Vista or newer

  • Mac: iOS 10.7 or newer

Tablet/Phone Operating System

  • Apple: iOS 8.1.3 or newer

  • Android: Android 5.0 or newer, with full WebGL support in both device and browser

Browser (latest version only)

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox (this is Matterport’s preferred browser)

  • Internet Explorer (if running on Windows 8 or later; IE versions 6-10 are NOT supported)

  • Safari (if running on Apple iOS 10.8 or later)
What to Expect From Your RealEyez360 Shoot!
Q: Do I need to do anything special to get my listing ready for the shoot?
We recommend that you stage / setup the home as you would for your VIP Guests or open house or viewing. Pack away clutter, clean and tidy the home, and put away any pet accessories. To avoid privacy concerns, we recommend that sellers also pack away any personal photos or other items that show family members’ names or images. Landlord, Sellers, Tenants, the kids, family members, tradespeople (e.g., painters or plumbers), pets or other photographers/ videographers should not be present during the shoot.

For everyone’s safety, all pets must be secured. Please keep in mind that we charge a fee for cancelling and rescheduling, so check with your seller / landlord / tenant at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to verify that the property is ready for shoot.

Special instructions for 3D shoots: 

The way RealEyez360 3D software builds the 3D model, it is essential that nothing about the home be changed during the shoot because this can interfere with the 3D scanning process. For example, the camera may not scan or build the model properly if someone closes a door, moves a decorative item, or wanders into the frame. If your shoot includes a 3D model, please make absolutely certain that no people or pets will be in the home during the shoot.

Please see our Setup Tips for full instructions on preparing for your shoot.

Q: What if the property isn’t ready when the artist arrives?
A: Our artists have full schedules and must begin their shoots promptly upon arrival. Please verify that your property is completely ready before your scheduled appointment time. If the artist arrives and is unable to begin the shoot promptly (e.g., due to lack of access, house not staged / setup, people other than the agent on site, unsecured pets), there will be a fee equal to 50% of the shoot cost to reschedule or cancel.
Q: What happens if the weather is cloudy, dusty or rainy during my shoot?
A: It is your responsibility to monitor the weather forecast prior to your shoot and make any weather-related decisions regarding rescheduling or cancellation. If you believe the weather will interfere with your shoot, please call your friendly Account Manager to discuss options. Note: Shoots cancelled/ rescheduled less than 24 hours in advance may incur a fee.
Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: You may cancel or reschedule your shoot free of charge up to 24 hours before the appointment time. Shoots cancelled or rescheduled less than 24 hours before the appointment time will incur a fee of AED 150 or loss of 1 photo shoot credit for subscription customers. Shoots cancelled or rescheduled within 4 business hours of the appointment time will incur a fee equal to 50% of the shoot cost.
Q: How long should I expect my appointment to last?
A: Please allow time based on the following guidelines:
  • Approximately 45 minutes per 1,000 sq. ft. for video and photos
  • Approximately 1 hour per 1,000 sq. ft. for 3D only
  • Approximately 1.5 hours per 1,000 sq. ft. for video, 3D, and photos
Q: What parts of each property does your artists film / scan / photograph?
A: Our artists capture the finished living areas inside the main residence. They also capture the front and back of the home, plus the yard and any exterior features (e.g., a pool) immediately surrounding the main residence. Video or photos for very large homes may not include small rooms such as half-baths. Add-ons are available for areas such as garages, unfinished spaces, outdoor garden area, majlis, guest houses, or neighborhood amenities.

Note: Each 3D model includes one exterior scan of the front and back of the home. Due to technical limitations, these scans will be visible as part of a highlight reel but cannot be connected to the main model. Please see our Setup Tips for a full shot list.
Q: My seller doesn’t want to include the entire home in the 3D model. Can you skip all or part of certain rooms?
A: Matterport Dubai 3D VR models are designed to represent the entire home in great detail. If a portion of the home is missing, buyers will not have an ideal experience with the model (e.g., they may encounter doors that lead nowhere). Because of the way the 3D scan models are built, we are not able to “shoot around” portions of rooms–we must exclude the room altogether. For these reasons, we recommend that you wait until the entire home is completely ready to schedule your 3D shoot. Another option is to book a video or photo shoot, which will allow us to “shoot around” unfinished portions of the home.
Q: The Seller / Landlord / Property Developer has made changes in one of the rooms. Can you reshoot it?
A: Yes, we can do a re-shoot/ re-edit for a fee. To avoid re-shoot fees, we recommend that you make sure the entire home is camera-ready before we arrive. This includes staging, cleaning, and removing any items that might pose privacy concerns.
Q: When will I receive my finished 3D VR Walkthrough / Photos / Videos?
A: Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours for photos, 48 hours for video or 3D, and 72 hours for floor plans.

Note: Certain add-ons or special projects, such as twilight photography or agent bios / vlog videos, corporate event photo-shoot may require a longer turnaround time.
Q: Will you edit my photos?
A: All RealEyez360 photo-shoot include basic photo editing such as color correction, cropping, and alignment. Additional editing is available for AED 150 per hour, with a 2-hour minimum. Please note that we are unable to make significant alterations to the property or to permanent fixtures of the surrounding area (such as paint colors, cracks or stains, landscaping, or power lines), as this would violate industry standards for photo editing.
Q: I have some additional photos / 3D VR Walkthroughs / HD Videos of the property that I would like to use?
A: Submitted photos must have a resolution of at least 2258 x 1505 and will be watermarked “Submitted by the Agent.” If your submitted photos were taken by a third party (e.g., a friend, relative, or non-RealEyez360 photographer), they must be accompanied by a written release giving RealEyez360 permission to post them on your behalf, without credit, for marketing your listing. We strictly do not accept submitted video or 3D.

Note: If you have hired someone other than RealEyez360 to shoot 3D VR 360 Virtual Tours / photos/ video of the property, we cannot complete your shoot while the other person / artist is on the property. Please make sure to schedule your shoots so they do not overlap.
Q: Do I own my photos and video?
A: No. RealEyez360 is the owner and copyright holder of all photos and video created for your shoot. However, we do grant very generous usage terms. You are welcome to use your photos and video for an unlimited time, in any medium, to promote the listing or your real estate business.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Q: I am re-listing a home / property that was originally marketed using RealEyez360 photos / 3D / video. Can I re-use the content for re-listing?
A: If you are the agent who originally hired RealEyez360, you may reuse RealEyez360 content that is less than a year old. If the content is more than a year old, or you are not the agent who originally hired RealEyez360, we ask that you contact us for a reshoot.

Note: It is a violation of copyright to use RealEyez360 content without permission from RealEyez360. Also, using such content without permission from the agent who originally purchased it may violate other regulations, such as those established by local property listing websites, social media platforms, press, publishing houses, online media regulators, RERA etc.
Q: Will you make a slideshow from my photos?
A: Video and 3D offer a much more immersive experience that makes slideshows unnecessary. However, if you may still require a slideshow video we could offer it for a price of photo-shoot or 2 photo-shoot credits for subscription customers do not offer photo slideshows as a product.
Q: Do you offer Drone photography / videos?
A: Yes, we do! And we check all the regulatory boxes to keep things safe, legal, and professional.

Note: Due to liability issues, we are not able to accept submitted drone video/ photography for inclusion in content created by RealEyez360.